• Feasibility Study

    Millcreek Incorporation Feasibility Study

    Read the full independent feasibility study that addresses the costs and realities of an incorporated Millcreek.
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  • Public Meeting

    Public Meeting Presentations

    View the presentations from the Public Meeting held on October 11th!
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  • Vote 2012

    Important Ballot Issues for Millcreek Residents

    This election, voters in Millcreek will vote to decide if Millcreek should become a city or remain a township.
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  • Question 1

    Millcreek, Township or City?

    The first question on the ballot is whether Millcreek should remain a township or incorporate as a city.
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  • Question 2

    Form of Government?

    The second question on the ballot is which form of city government you would favor if Millcreek is incorporated.
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  • Question 3

    District or At-Large Representation

    The third question on the ballot is whether city council members should be elected by district or citywide at-large.
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